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The Perfect Day.

1 Jul

Happy Thursday, Happy July and Happy Almost Weekend! Who’s excited about that?!

Great news to report: I ended up applying to yet another job yesterday, and there are some that I might be able to apply for today. Yay!

After my glorious stop at Target yesterday, here’s what the rest of my afternoon consisted of:

Components of my afternoon.

It was beautiful outside yesterday (felt almost like spring!), so I sat out on the balcony and read my book, The Friday Night Knitting Club. Of course I wore sunscreen – I’m a huge advocate of it and believe you should always wear it…please don’t make me lecture you about skin cancer!

Being outside in the sun required ample amounts of water (that was enjoyed in my husband’s water bottle – I stole it!).

I also made a yoga sequence on Yoga Journal and enjoyed that on my pretty pink yoga mat. I wanted to do yoga on my balcony, but ours faces the pool. I really don’t think the middle school boys needed to see me in downward dog, ya know?!

So that was my afternoon and it was a perfect one.

I’m getting my hair cut in a little bit – I’m kind of nervous! I think I want to go back to having bangs….eek! Wish me luck, friends.


Beer Smoothie

25 Jun

I hope you’re all enjoying Cookie Friday! I know I just made Oat Bars yesterday, but maybe I’ll hop back in the kitchen and bake some cookies. Dangerous, right?!

I started my morning as always: coffee with soy creamer.

I followed with this sweet treat for breakfast:

Yogurt, Apple, Honey

Vanilla greek yogurt with granny smith apple chunks, drizzled with honey. It was wonderful.

I went to my first official yoga class today. I’ve been doing various yoga workouts through ExerciseTV for the past couple of months but have never attended a class. I went to a 75-minute class offered by my gym and loved it! I think I’ll be attending the Friday class regularly!

When I came back I was a Starvin’ Marvin, so I whipped up a smoothie. A beer smoothie to be exact. Say what?!

smoothie in a beer mug (aka: beer smoothie)

I decided on a beer mug for various reasons. 1 – I’m cool. 2 – It was the perfect size. And 3 – because I knew it’d be fun.

Smoothie/Green Monster (not as green as normal though!):


Orange juice


Greek yogurt

Frozen strawberries

1/2 frozen banana

I’m slurping this down now and enjoying it thoroughly.

No major plans for the rest of the afternoon and nothing too exciting going on this weekend. What about you?!