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I Heart Weekends.

11 Jul

You guys, I LOVED hearing what brand/type of protein powder y’all are using! I trust you and your protein powder tastes, so I’ll definitely check out the ones you guys like – thanks so much! 😀

So it’s Sunday night, and I’m currently lounging on the couch while Mexican Lasagna bakes/gets all cheesy gooey in the oven. Don’t worry, my cyberspace friends…I wouldn’t dare keep the recipe from you! I’ve tried that once before with the PB M&M’s Cookie Bars and you just wouldn’t let me off the hook. 😉

Ok, so onto the point of this post: I heart weekends. I’m just sayin’…

Friday was celebrated with wine – although I’m partial to celebrating every day with wine!

Oh, Malbec...I love you so.

I also convinced the husband to watch “17 Again” with me – ya know, that teeny-bopper film featuring Zac Efron and Matthew Perry?! Ha! We had it OnDemand, so it was free…and I just felt like watching a mindless movie. Maybe it was the wine now that I think about it…

We slept in on Saturday, and the husband whipped up some french toast. Yummy!

Perfect Saturday Morning.

Don’t worry. This picture was taken before I slathered it in butter and maple syrup. The only true way to eat french toast!

The rest of the day was spent reading, taking naps and getting my butt kicked in Yahtzee. Ya win some, ya lose some. 🙂

Church was so refreshing this morning. The sermon was about how words are powerful, and once they are said, that can’t be taken back. Sure, you can apologize and ask for forgiveness. But mean words can sting and leave a person hurt and vulnerable. Patience is key in a frustrating situation. Indeed.

We also went to the gym this afternoon, followed by some time at the pool. Seriously, I heart weekends.

Well, we’re going to enjoy the Mexican Lasagna now! Hope you’ve all had a terrific weekend.

How did you spend your weekend?! Did you take it easy, since last weekend was a holiday filled with parties, fireworks, picnics friends, family, etc.?