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The Goods.

30 Jun

I’m baaaaaaaaaack. 🙂

So Body Pump kicked my arse today. I’m not sure what release we did, but squats played a very big role. Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers mentioned earlier today that the new release (74) is a killer in terms of lunges. My instructor today was talking about Release 74 and said the same thing! Now I’m nervous…

Target was glorious, as always. Surprisingly, not too many randos (random items) ended up in my basket.

-Binder: for the husband’s job

-Mouthwash: for healthy teeth & gums!

-St. Ives Apricot Scrub: for a deep cleanse 1-2x a week

-Nivea Shaving Cream: for the husband

-Birthday Card: for my grandpa’s 83rd birthday!

-M&Ms: for a dessert for our church’s 4th of July BBQ, as well as a for a friend’s dinner party

-Peanut Butte Cookie: for my hungry stomach after the Pump

-Mascara/Eyeshadow: needed the mascara, thought the eyeshadow was fun!

-V-Neck tee: because I’m plain and simple like that

Here’s the deal – I’m going to resist opening those M&Ms…really. They are for peanut butter M&M cookie bars….not an indulgence for Courtney. We shall see if I’m strong enough…

Ok, bloggies. I need to search for jobs. I’m hoping to find some new ones and send off some applications! I can do this!


Target=This Afternoon.

30 Jun

Good morning, friends! I should almost say “afternoon”…such a late post today.

Anyway, the morning has been like any other: coffee, bfast, blog-galore and maybe even a quick nap. Ha!

I didn’t make it to Target yesterday, but I made my list and will be heading there this afternoon after Body Pump.

Love the "Notes" app on the iPhone

Ok, so I know I’ll walk away with everything on that list. The question is, will something sneak into my cart that’s not on the list. I think you know the answer.

Alright, friends. This short post is coming to an end. To the gym I go!

I’ll be back later today to share my Target goodies with you – duh. 🙂