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One Indulgent Weekend.

6 Jul

It’s Tuesday already…aren’t three-day weekends just fabulous?!

I had the most glorious [and indulgent] holiday weekend filled with friends, cupcakes, beer, sangria, jelly beans, fireworks, pool time and even a little Body Pump. 😉

Let’s go through day-by-day, shall we?


Friday was absolutely relaxing. Once the husband got home from work, we took some clothes to the dry cleaners…and there just happened to be a local bakery nearby. We stopped in, and it was the cutest thing….definitely owned by older women. We got two cupcakes, and they were only $.85 each! I love locally owned stores!

Chocolate for him, vanilla for her.

We hit the pool for a bit and then headed home to make dinner. We whipped up some pizza [artichoke/black olive…mmm!] and drank beer. ‘Twas a perfect Friday night!

Amstel Light [oh yes, I did!]


The husband and I both woke up early to get a workout in. I headed to the gym for Body Pump and some cardio, and he went on a bike ride. Motivation=win!

After I got home from the gym, I made some Peanut Butter M&M Cookie Bars for a church BBQ and a friend’s party that were going to take place on Sunday.

EDIT: Recipe is now available!

Heaven on Earth.

We headed to downtown D.C. on Saturday for a get-together on the rooftop of a great apartment building. It had a stunning view of the The Monument, as well as The Capitol. So many people were from Nebraska [our home!], and we enjoyed catching up with them! It was here that I enjoyed some strong sangria, white chocolate bark and caramel/chocolate pretzels. I loved every minute.


We got groceries Sunday morning, as always. We made it back home just in time to watch the Wimbledon finals. Unfortunately, we missed [ok, skipped!] church because we wanted to see Nadal win! We did make it to the church BBQ though, so no worries!

Later that night, we headed back downtown to meet friends. We actually went to the same apartment building and enjoyed dinner with two other couples. Both of the girls were in my sorority during college – it was so nice to spend the 4th with them! This is where I ate my weight in jelly beans. 😉

We were able to watch the fireworks on the rooftop. Absolutely spectacular. It was so fun to be in our nation’s capital on America’s birthday! I think everyone should experience it at some point!


We slept in [until 9!] yesterday, and it felt great! We had to run some errands, so it wasn’t anything too exciting but still very relaxing. I ended up having an upset stomach yesterday, so I did spend the majority of my night resting on the couch. Not a fun way to end the weekend, but I’m glad it was then and not during the fun parties!

How was your weekend? What did you do?! I always love hearing about the fun things people do on holidays!