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Review: Body Step

26 Jun

Well Happy Saturday to you!

I pumped some iron this morning at Body Pump and because I was already at the gym, I decided to try Body Step. Note to self: cardio after Body Pump is freakin’ difficult.

Just like spinning, I had no idea what to expect. I mean, sure, I knew I’d be dancing around on a riser. But other than that? Yeah, not a clue.

Body Step put up a fight against me. And won.

I like to think I’m a coordinated person. Doesn’t everyone?! For one reason or another (remember, I had just gotten done with Body Pump…ok, that’s just a lame excuse), I could NOT keep up.

In Body Step, you mirror the instructor. I’m so not used to that! Obviously, this is a personal issue, but I learn best by moving the same arm/leg as the person teaching me. Example: instructor steps with left foot, I step with left foot. I don’t care if it looks opposite. So this whole mirror thing completely confused me!

The movements were fast and I was dripping in sweat within 10 minutes! My face got red, and my legs were shaking!

The songs that we stepped (?) to were very energizing, so I enjoyed that aspect. I definitely got a great cardio workout and I think I had fun. I’m not sure…

I’m just not convinced Body Step is for me. Which is a-ok. I don’t have to like every form of exercise I try – and neither do you! I do think it’s important to try new things because that’s how you discover your favorite (and least favorite) workouts.

So I’m glad I tried Body Step – now I know I’m not as coordinated as I once thought! 😉

Have you tried Body Step?

Do you consider yourself a coordinated person?!