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Stupid Address.

7 Jul

Happy Hump Day, bloggies! Those 3-day weekends sure do make the week fly by!

I thought I’d take some time this morning to further explain my journey in job searching.

As you all know, I’m currently living in Maryland and searching for a job in California. Because of the internet, it’s been rather easy to search for jobs. In fact, I’ve applied to 10 so far! I’m very proud of myself for that.

However, there is one problem that I believe is truly hurting my chances.

I have a Maryland address.

Not a California address.

I honestly think the recruiters for these jobs are looking at my contact information, seeing a Maryland address, and tossing my application aside.

Here’s the thing that’s even more frustrating. The husband and I know where we’re living. However, we won’t get our address until we show up to move in. He even called yesterday to see if we could get a temporary address. Nope. Isn’t that a little crazy?!

So what does this little road bump do to my job hunting quest?

Well, at first I was rather frustrated and completely disappointed. But then I realized that I can’t change this situation, so I’m just going to forge ahead and still apply to all the jobs that I possibly can.

I know that something will eventually work out. I know that I am doing all I can in this job hunt. I know that’s all I can ask of myself. *deep sigh*

In other Three Months news, I had a ballin’ workout yesterday! I’ll be heading to Body Pump shortly and am looking forward to it! I’m really glad I got the 3-month gym membership…it’s been a great distraction to the frustrations of job hunting.

Ok, so I realize this was kind of a Debby Downer post. Let’s end on a good note…

What makes you happy?

I’ll go first: my husband, wine, ice cream, hand-written notes, to-do lists & random phone calls from friends.


The Goods.

30 Jun

I’m baaaaaaaaaack. 🙂

So Body Pump kicked my arse today. I’m not sure what release we did, but squats played a very big role. Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers mentioned earlier today that the new release (74) is a killer in terms of lunges. My instructor today was talking about Release 74 and said the same thing! Now I’m nervous…

Target was glorious, as always. Surprisingly, not too many randos (random items) ended up in my basket.

-Binder: for the husband’s job

-Mouthwash: for healthy teeth & gums!

-St. Ives Apricot Scrub: for a deep cleanse 1-2x a week

-Nivea Shaving Cream: for the husband

-Birthday Card: for my grandpa’s 83rd birthday!

-M&Ms: for a dessert for our church’s 4th of July BBQ, as well as a for a friend’s dinner party

-Peanut Butte Cookie: for my hungry stomach after the Pump

-Mascara/Eyeshadow: needed the mascara, thought the eyeshadow was fun!

-V-Neck tee: because I’m plain and simple like that

Here’s the deal – I’m going to resist opening those M&Ms…really. They are for peanut butter M&M cookie bars….not an indulgence for Courtney. We shall see if I’m strong enough…

Ok, bloggies. I need to search for jobs. I’m hoping to find some new ones and send off some applications! I can do this!

Review: Body Step

26 Jun

Well Happy Saturday to you!

I pumped some iron this morning at Body Pump and because I was already at the gym, I decided to try Body Step. Note to self: cardio after Body Pump is freakin’ difficult.

Just like spinning, I had no idea what to expect. I mean, sure, I knew I’d be dancing around on a riser. But other than that? Yeah, not a clue.

Body Step put up a fight against me. And won.

I like to think I’m a coordinated person. Doesn’t everyone?! For one reason or another (remember, I had just gotten done with Body Pump…ok, that’s just a lame excuse), I could NOT keep up.

In Body Step, you mirror the instructor. I’m so not used to that! Obviously, this is a personal issue, but I learn best by moving the same arm/leg as the person teaching me. Example: instructor steps with left foot, I step with left foot. I don’t care if it looks opposite. So this whole mirror thing completely confused me!

The movements were fast and I was dripping in sweat within 10 minutes! My face got red, and my legs were shaking!

The songs that we stepped (?) to were very energizing, so I enjoyed that aspect. I definitely got a great cardio workout and I think I had fun. I’m not sure…

I’m just not convinced Body Step is for me. Which is a-ok. I don’t have to like every form of exercise I try – and neither do you! I do think it’s important to try new things because that’s how you discover your favorite (and least favorite) workouts.

So I’m glad I tried Body Step – now I know I’m not as coordinated as I once thought! 😉

Have you tried Body Step?

Do you consider yourself a coordinated person?!