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I’m a Little Kid.

29 Jun

Good morning, bloggies! How’s your morning going? Mine’s going pretty well – just finished up my morning coffee and breakfast.

I enjoyed a heavenly little treat for bfast this morning, and it brought back memories from my childhood. The star of the show: chocolate milk. However, this time it was chocolate almond milk. And it.was.delicious!

Cereal & Chocolate Almond Milk

Organic Flax Plus Multibran is a fabulous cereal I picked up from Trader Joe’s – where else?! And although I LOVE unsweetened almond milk, I decided to try chocolate. And thank the Lord I did. Mmm.

This little combination is quite tasty – besides having it for breakfast this morning, I had it as an afternoon snack yesterday. The cereal is full of fiber, so it’s a filling breakfast. Don’t worry though, I added a granny smith apple to my bfast to get a serving of fruit! 😉

I felt young again by eating this! And ’twas a good feeling.

I’m figuring out the game plan now for the day. I might hit up a Zumba class at my gym – not quite sure yet. I also need to stop at Target some time this week and am wondering if today will be the day. I could spend HOURS in Target. Anyone out there with me on that one?!

I hope you all have a wonderful morning!