Factual Information.

14 Jul

Ok, friends. I lied to you. I didn’t post those random facts about myself last night. Instead I made the executive decision to drink wine with the husband and watch Pretty Little Liars. Again – I must have been under the influence to have watched yet another teen show. I really need a job. 🙂

I’ll be posting all about my phone interview in a later update. But I’ll tell you this – it went as well as it could! I was prepared and really enjoyed talking with the recruiting coordinator. Deets to come! THANK YOU so much for the encouraging comments – y’all rock.

Onto The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blog Award – oooh la la – that sounds fun! I received it from Allison at One Day at a Time – thanks again!

I was explaining this “award” to the husband, and he seemed rather confused. Wanting to know why I had to post random facts about myself, how I got this, who gives them out. I think he thought it was like an actual award, so I said that posting the facts is like the acceptance speech. 😉 Let’s roll with that…

I am going to make one minor change – I’m cutting it down to 5 facts. I feel that 10 is just way too many. And really, I’m not that interesting/cool, so you’ll thank me. 🙂

1. I watch QVC. Now before you judge me, let me explain. My grandma lived on a farm and was the most fabulous person I’ve ever met. Always wearing sequin-studded blouses, bright red fingernail polish, piles of rings and bracelets. She LOVED QVC and ever since she passed away from colon cancer around 10 years ago, I’ve found myself gravitating toward that channel. I don’t buy anything, but it reminds me of her – and I like that.

2. I’m married to a genius. The husband is a real, live genius! He’s a super private person – that’s why you don’t know too much about him. But I’ll say this…he has an engineering background and designs medical devices – real ones that save people’s lives! He is inspiring, dedicated, passionate and unbelievably intelligent. He’s a cool nerd, don’t get me wrong. However, I’ve had my fair share of conversations revolving around thermodynamics, biosystems engineering, medical this, medical that and many other things that I don’t know how to explain, let alone spell/pronounce. He’s a catch. 🙂

3. I’m a sorority girl. Obviously, not an active member now, just an old alum! The Greek system was very strong at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where I attended for undergrad (Go Huskers!). I met so many people and was presented with many opportunities through my sorority. Having moved away from home right after college, I was lucky to connect with my sorority’s alum chapter out in Baltimore. It was a great way to meet people, and I’m looking forward to meeting other women from the Silicon Valley chapter when I move out to the bay area of California in the fall. Networking, people!

4. I have the biggest sweet tooth. Not even kidding. I was the kid that always ate too much candy and would end up with a stomach ache. Now that I think about, I still have those days. Only my tastes have sophisticated a little bit, and now I indulge in gourmet cupcakes, ice cream, truffles, baked goods, etc. Sweets make me happy!

5. I have a food blog. And unless you find it on your own, you’ll never know about it! 🙂 I don’t mention that blog on this blog, or this blog on that blog. They are separate and meant for different audiences. A lot of family and friends follow my food blog, and I love having their support. Three Months is currently a way for me to share minor details of my life that only other lifestyle bloggers would understand. Make sense?!

So now I’m supposed to pass this along to other bloggers. However, I know that some people don’t get into this sort of thing, and I also can’t narrow down the field – I like too many of you! So let’s do this instead:

I’m giving all of you this award (congrats!)…now share two facts about yourself! Anything…anything at all!


Good Vibes, Please.

13 Jul

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! 🙂

It’s Tuesday, and what does that mean in the Three Month household? PHONE INTERVIEW!

For that reason, this post will be short. Very short. But I promise you this: you’ll get a sweet post tonight where I share 10 facts about myself in honor of the Sugar Doll Award I received yesterday from Allison over at One Day at a Time…thanks, girl!

Ok, so I do have a favor to ask of you. If you can send good vibes, positive thoughts and encouraging prayers my way this afternoon, I’d love you forever. 😀

You all have already been so supportive during this job hunt – I can’t thank you enough for the kind comments and inspiring emails. You have no idea how grateful I am to receive such support!

I know I’m not the only one who’s tackling fears and dealing with unknown situations. So…

If you need some encouraging words from me (and other readers!) – please leave a comment! It doesn’t need to be too personal – just “hey, please keep me in your thoughts tonight.” Or… “I’m trying out a new recipe – pray that I don’t burn down the house.” 😉

Thanks again, friends. You’re the best!

A Very Filling Breakfast.

12 Jul

So glad to hear you all enjoyed your weekend! If you’re playing catch-up from the weekend:

I must share with you a new treat I found at Trader Joe’s yesterday: Protein Power Banana Chocolate Chunk Muffins. Yes, yes, yes.

(Side note: it may seem like I’m rather obsessed with protein. I assure you, it’s just a coincidence!)

Anyway, these muffins are amazing. They are very dense and only about half the height of a regular muffin. Each muffin packs 2g of fiber and 7g protein. And for only $1.99 for 6 – it’s a steal!

While in bed last night, trying to fall asleep (that’s a whole other topic for a another post!) I was thinking of ways to incorporate these little treasures in my breakfast. Alas, I had an idea!

What’s that I see? Oatmeal? And a cut-up muffin on top? Oh, yes. And it was absolutely delicious! So delicious and filling that I didn’t even need nut butter. Crazy, I know.

Ok, friends. I have a lot of work to do. I need to prep for my phone interview tomorrow (whee!), head to the gym for Body Pump, scour the internet for new job postings and just enjoy this beautiful Monday. Well, I should say stormy Monday…it looks like it might rain!

Tell me, what did you have for breakfast? Any new concoctions to share?!