Job Hunt

Yes, I’m currently unemployed. And yes, I blame my husband. 🙂 You see, we’re currently in a summer transition – living on the East Coast for the summer and moving to the West Coast in the fall. Why? As I said, it’s my husband’s fault! He has a summer internship, which is why we’re here. Then he’s starting [another] graduate program, which is why we’re moving there. I was going to get a summer job, but I’ve already been through this whole “looking for a job in a state that I don’t live in” last summer when we moved to Maryland from Nebraska.

It takes a while to find a job – especially in this economy. I – with the support of my husband – decided to focus on job searching now in hopes of finding a job before we get to California. Looking for a job is my full-time job. I’ll be posting my experience here and any interesting articles/tips that I come across.

Oh, and if you want to hire me or know someone who does – I have a journalism degree, advertising & marketing background, a passion for helping others, and am completely organized. 😉

Blog Posts:

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