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Over & Out.

28 Jul

Friends, I’ve made a big decision.

I will no longer be blogging from Three Months. As much as I love keeping track of my job hunt and fitness goals, personal blogging just isn’t for me.

I can’t thank you enough for all the encouraging comments you all have left. I’ve appreciated them all.

So I’m done with the personal blogging. However…I could never leave you FOREVER. So I’m going to share my little secret – my food blog that so many of you asked about. 😀

It’s called Ice Cream & Wine – and I’d love to have you visit me there! I love food, and enjoy blogging about new recipes. I don’t feel as much pressure to do that, so I’m going to resort back to my food blog days.

I’ve also changed my name on Twitter – same account, so if you already follow me, you’ll still be following me! But for any new Tweeps, you can find me at

Thanks again for everything!!


I Heart Weekends.

11 Jul

You guys, I LOVED hearing what brand/type of protein powder y’all are using! I trust you and your protein powder tastes, so I’ll definitely check out the ones you guys like – thanks so much! 😀

So it’s Sunday night, and I’m currently lounging on the couch while Mexican Lasagna bakes/gets all cheesy gooey in the oven. Don’t worry, my cyberspace friends…I wouldn’t dare keep the recipe from you! I’ve tried that once before with the PB M&M’s Cookie Bars and you just wouldn’t let me off the hook. 😉

Ok, so onto the point of this post: I heart weekends. I’m just sayin’…

Friday was celebrated with wine – although I’m partial to celebrating every day with wine!

Oh, Malbec...I love you so.

I also convinced the husband to watch “17 Again” with me – ya know, that teeny-bopper film featuring Zac Efron and Matthew Perry?! Ha! We had it OnDemand, so it was free…and I just felt like watching a mindless movie. Maybe it was the wine now that I think about it…

We slept in on Saturday, and the husband whipped up some french toast. Yummy!

Perfect Saturday Morning.

Don’t worry. This picture was taken before I slathered it in butter and maple syrup. The only true way to eat french toast!

The rest of the day was spent reading, taking naps and getting my butt kicked in Yahtzee. Ya win some, ya lose some. 🙂

Church was so refreshing this morning. The sermon was about how words are powerful, and once they are said, that can’t be taken back. Sure, you can apologize and ask for forgiveness. But mean words can sting and leave a person hurt and vulnerable. Patience is key in a frustrating situation. Indeed.

We also went to the gym this afternoon, followed by some time at the pool. Seriously, I heart weekends.

Well, we’re going to enjoy the Mexican Lasagna now! Hope you’ve all had a terrific weekend.

How did you spend your weekend?! Did you take it easy, since last weekend was a holiday filled with parties, fireworks, picnics friends, family, etc.?

Review: Aria Protein

9 Jul
Disclaimer: The views expressed are my own. I paid for this protein powder and was not compensated in any form for this review.

I’ve been on the lookout for a decent tasting protein powder for quite some time now. I’ve tried the chocolate kind from GNC…blech. I’ve also tried Whey Protein Powder in chocolate from Trader Joe’s. Also not a fan. I wanted so badly to find a protein powder that didn’t taste like, well, crap. Excuse my highly sophisticated vocabulary. 😉

You see, I recently bought a 3-month gym membership and have taken a liking to Body Pump. For muscle recovery reasons, I have become more aware of my protein-lacking diet.

Sure I eat cheese and greek yogurt (which by the way, is a great source of protein!). I have chicken about twice a week, so that’s good. But I know I could be doing better.

While in Trader Joe’s the other day, I noticed Aria Protein, an all-natural women’s protein. It’s from the makers of Designer Whey, which I’ve heard a lot about through various blogs.


I was intrigued that this protein was specifically designed for women, so I thought, “what the heck?” and grabbed the vanilla container.

I very excited to try it and after rushing home from Body Pump yesterday, I made myself a fabulous smoothie. It contained: skim milk (out of almond!), plain greek yogurt, strawberries, 1/2 frozen banana and 1 scoop of Aria.

Note: the serving size is 2 scoops – but I wanted to ease into the taste.

Friends, I have found my protein! I am very happy with the flavor, the nutritional stats and the benefits of Aria. The price isn’t too terrible either: $9.99. There are 17 servings per container, and I’ll probably only use half a serving at a time, so this will last a while!


Here are the facts:

80 calories/serving

14g protein/serving

Excellent source of folic acid (100% DV) & calcium (28% DV)/serving

50/50 Whey & Soy blend



I know many people have a protein powder that they enjoy, but if you’re still searching I suggest you try Aria Protein!

Do you use a protein powder? If so, what’s your favorite?!