Only the Beginning

23 Jun

Hello, everyone! First post = very exciting! I’m not new to blogging, as I currently update a cooking blog. However, I’m very pumped about my new blog: Three Months. I explain the title in my ‘About Me’ section, but I’ll also give you a little rundown here. Here are the main points:

– I’m living on the East Coast for the summer, as my husband has an internship

-I’m moving to California in the fall

-My current summer job: looking for jobs out in Cali

-To pass my time, I bought a 3-month gym membership

So if we add all of that together, this is what we get: I plan on whipping myself into shape & finding a job by the time I get to California. Because I have no time commitments during the day, I’m able to take all the group fitness classes that I want (hello spinning & BodyPump!). I’m also able to spend the majority of my day searching for jobs – which is fun, but also discouraging. I’m all about making to-do lists and setting goals, so this blog is a way to track my progress. I’ve been deeply inspired by many blogs, so I’m taking a stab at this “personal blog” thing. We shall see how this goes!


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